Induction and how it really performs for everyday use.

By: Aubrey Lockard, Appliance Specialist

I have been demonstrating and selling Induction cooking for the last 4 years and promoting it as one the best cooking methods out there. During my demo I am able to show how easy it is to use and clean, how the cooktop surface doesn’t get hot (only the pan does), and how fast it can boil water.  Now don’t get me wrong, the speed at which it can boil water is amazing, but how does it perform when sautéing, frying, searing, or low temperatures like sauces?

On the day before Thanksgiving last year I took the plunge and installed my new Whirlpool Induction range. Lets just say I put my new induction range through every method of cooking and it blew me away with how it performed. I was able to get my 12-quart stockpot to a rapid boil for my potatoes in 7minutes, I was able to fry my bacon and brussell sprouts to perfection, and my cranberry sauce on the low simmer cooked beautifully. You get the idea; it was able to handle any cooking situation that I tried.

I pride myself on being an excellent scratch cook, and 5 nights out of the week I have to cook meals for my family in less than 30 minutes. So, as you can imagine, I tend to do lots of boiling, steaming, sautéing, and frying. I love how fast the induction burners can get to a boil, but can then be controlled to a simmer immediately. It also has excellent control at low heats. Whether I am simmering a sauce, steaming, or just trying to keep something warm, it’s able to handle it. My family likes their meat and I tend to sear or fry on my induction surface often. Not only does my pan heat up quickly, but it also heats up evenly. I no longer have to rotate the food items around to get them to brown and cook evenly.  I also wok cook occasionally, and have liked the results with my induction. Now don’t get me wrong, you cannot beat a high performing gas burner when it comes to wok cooking, but my induction cooktop is a close second.

The other thing that I love about my induction cooktop is how easy it is to clean. Since the cooktop surface does not create any heat and there is only a minimum residual heat left from the pan, nothing burns on to it. I only ever use soap and water to easily clean it up.

My induction range allows me to cook faster, more efficiently, to do any type of cooking that I require (at least so far), spend less time cleaning up, and the most important thing, more time being – and eating – with my family.